Side Hustle Syrups

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Est. 2018


New Arrival

Our Story

Our Story
Established in 2017, Side Hustle Syrups began creating a handful of drink mixers and simple syrups at the request of Dry Fly Distilling. As time went on, recipes were developed and the brand began to grow. Today, Side Hustle Syrups produces eight unique flavors of craft syrups and simple syrups.

Although the products were originally intended for the use in cocktails, Side Hustle Syrups has gained popularity in other culinary areas. Our products may be used as a non-alcoholic beverage flavoring, flavoring for tea and coffee, and even use in baked goods or dessert toppings.

It is Side Hustles Syrups desire to not only create high quality products for the Pacific Northwest, but to seek involvement within the Spokane Community. Teaming up with other small businesses is not uncommon for Side Hustle, and is often pursued.

Premium Packable Cocktails

by Dry Fly Distilling


  • Spokane, Washington, United States